Hot Clothing Trends

Hot Clothing Trends

Regency style

With the popularity of the British TV series "Bridgerton", Regency fashion items are once again popular, with a style that is British and classical, blending European history and contemporary trends.

Handmade bohemian clothing

Rapidly growing interest in resale and vintage is driving new aesthetic styles, with free, authentic bohemian style expected to make a comeback, a trend that pursues a more earthy, nature-loving, craftsmanship approach.

Fusion of sports and fashion

As comfort and activewear continue to play a role in the fashion world, this trend merges classic fashion styles with sporty and functional elements to create a new trend.

Casual business attire

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the boundaries between work, leisure and party fun are being erased. Consumers are also looking for clothing that can adapt to a variety of occasions.

Sunset desert aesthetics

Inspired by desert landscapes, the aesthetic features natural materials and craftsmanship details as key elements, as an extension of the "rooted in nature" trend. Natural elements will continue to become a popular direction in the global clothing market.

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