How to choose clothes that suit you?

How to choose clothes that suit you?

Choosing the right piece of clothing is an art and a science. Here are some ways to choose clothes, so that you have a high probability of success in finding clothes that suit you.

1. Let color be your guide. The color that suits you is the most effective compass. It can help you quickly and effectively find clothes that suit you from the dazzling shopping malls, and will not let you waste time on clothes that are not suitable for you. Find colors that suit you and pick out all the clothes that interest you.

2. Look for clothes with good fabrics. No matter what style you choose, the fabric can mean the difference between boring clothes and beautiful ones. For example, if you change the fabric of the same style of clothes, you can improve the taste of the clothes. Therefore, it is best to choose very soft silk, gorgeous cashmere, luxurious woolen cloth, expensive linen. Don't just look at it with your eyes, be sure to reach out and touch it.

3. Consider the overall outfit. When trying on clothes at the mall, don't just pick up a pair of pants, and choose one or two matching tops or shoes. If you want to find a brand that suits you, you can carefully choose the same brand because they convey the same aesthetic point of view, are cut from the same cloth, and are dyed from the same color vat. Easier to match and achieve harmony.

4. Don’t rush to evaluate. Don't just look at the clothes on the hanger and infer whether the clothes will fit. This is very difficult. You won't know whether the clothes will fit until you try them on. Maybe a piece of clothing doesn't look good, but it fits very well when you try it on. On the contrary, a piece of clothing looks very good, but it looks cheap and doesn't look good when you put it on. So when buying clothes, I suggest you not to rush to a conclusion.

5. Remember your body shape. When you see something you like, pick it up and look at its overall look. You can tell whether the clothes fit you by trying them on in the fitting room. Some clothes have a lot of slim fit, which can help you cover problem areas, so you don't have to worry too much.

6. Try on a lot of clothes. When picking out your own clothes, make sure you know your goals and don't feel shy about trying on a ton of clothes. If you want to find clothes that fit you, you need to try a lot so that you can find more clothes that suit you.
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